Learn how to choose which dog collar is best.
Learn about the different dog collars and how they're used.

Many different types of dog collars line the shelves at the pet store. Your job is to know what each does and decide which is best for your pet.
First you have the normal collar. This is the type of collar youíll see the most of in the store. It typically comes in many different collars and textures. This collar simply has a strap for you to clamp on a leash and for you to attach your petís identification tag. Most people who want a normal collar and arenít looking for a special training collar buy this one

Then you have the original training collar. This collar is used when you want something that corrects mistakes that your dog makes. When your dog is pulled and the collar slightly tightens, it makes a noise that corrects the problem. This training collar has been around longer than the others. Many people believe that choking and restraining your dog creates more training problems than itís worth. But others think this is still the best way to train animals

You also have the choice of the self-correcting collar. This collar has medium sized prongs sticking out of the collar pointed inward. It looks much worse than it actually is. If you have a large dog, this is a great tool. If they make a mistake in training, you simply pull on the leash. The leash tightens and pinches your dog slightly.

The other main type of collar is a halter. This is a collar that fits around your dogís face, neck, back, legs and chest. This collar is the best way to keep your dog from doing things you donít want to. When you pull the leash, itís entire body gets the point, as you are pulling it backward.

Itís important for you to remember that the right collar that fits your wants and needs only does part of the job of training your pet. You need to use proper training techniques, including rewards for good behavior, in order to teach your dog proper behavior. 


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