Various Dog Collars

Dog collars vary in size, color, material and style. The collar should fit fairly snuggly, but you should be able to put two fingers between the neck and collar.
Collars should not be loose enough to slide over the dogís head.
Even if your dog gets frustrated when he first wears one there is a way to get him comfortable with wearing a collar. It is a good idea to put it on him at happy times (i.e. feeding) for positive association.
Nylon dog collars are a good inexpensive choice for puppies and adult dogs. They are comfortable and come in a lot of great styles.
Leather dog collars are beautiful and the rolled type is very comfortable and looks great. Thereís nothing like a Coach leather collar on a cute Jack Russell terrier.
Remember to remove leather collars when youíre bathing your dog or when heís swimming. Use a nylon collar during these times to hold him. A leather collar gets moldy when itís wet.
Choke chains or slip chains are approved for a training tool. In theory, when you dog pulls, the choke chain gives her a little choke or pinch to make her stop pulling. In the wrong hands, they can be very dangerous. We recommend not using them. There are other effective training methods.

Electric collars are also a training tool to help with behaviors like barking or to keep your dog in your property. They work by zapping your dog with a bit of electricity. They can be abusive in the wrong hands. Even in the right hands they seem very cruel. Check out more humane ways of training.

The most important part of any collar is your dogís i.d. tag. You could also have your dog tattooed or micro chipped


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Advanced Dog Collars